The first item shared on PeoriaHistory.com

PeoriaHistory.com is a privately owned site dedicated to the preservation and sharing of items held in the collections of individuals or organizations.

I firmly believe that artifacts with historic or cultural value should be shared and not hoarded for only a few to see. For this reason , I started sharing my finds on social media.  However, I quickly realized the limitations of these platforms.  A dedicated website would open up the collection to those who are not members of social media groups, allow PDFs and other larger files to be shared, and content would be accessible through search engine queries.   In the Spring of 2018, I purchased PeoriaHistory.com and started to share items in my own personal collection. 

Using an open source platform, Omeka S, the door has been left open for other like-minded individuals or organizations to contribute digitized items, or possibly coordinate efforts in a more substantial way.  

All items shared in this database are provided free of charge.  Prior consent is requested for commercial use. 

-Phillip Mott